Almost redundant. If you want to know what Corewar is, see the FAQ below.

PDF Conversions

PDF conversions for ease of printing. None of these are mine, all content belongs to the respective owners unless otherwise explicitly stated within the document.

The 94 Warrior 'all issues' (71 pages)

Beginners' guide to Redcode. Ilmari Karonen's excellent beginners guide, recommended as a first or introductory read (22 pages)

The rec.games.corewar FAQ (20 pages)

Steve's guide for beginners. Very detailed guide, including sequencing and analysis of existing warriors (22 pages)

Learning by simulating evolution Using Corewars (25 pages)

My first corewar book by Steven Morrell.Contains an excellent guide to Imp-Rings and Stones (see FAQ for glossary) (31 pages)

Introduction to Redcode (9 pages)

Every issue of Corewarrior (692 pages 1.3 MB)

Hints extracted from every issue of Corewarrior. Includes a CDB (PMars REDCODE Debugger) tutorial (20 pages)

Intro To Art In '88, by Mintardjo Wangsaw. Contains an excellent description of the basic types of warrior (14 pages)

I have limited this to the most pertinent information and links. I am a beginner and these are what I have read or I am currently reading, I converted them to PDF because it looks nice, especially when combined with Tex hyphenation and if read on screen it helps save trees. I am constantly on the look out for new links so if you have one email me and in addition to this if you have an important text and want it mirrored and converted email me

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The Core War Imp Ring